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Interactive Resources

The Expressive Web

Article on 960 Grid System


More Resources

Links to resouces covered in the videos


Firebug for Safari

Firebug for Chrome

Firebug for Opera

A List Apart's article on Responsive Web Design




Web and Device Markup

W3C HTML5 Markup

HTML5 is about one, key thing. Symantic markup. Yes, this is land of the geeks, but at long last, the geeks are speaking english. Here is the place you can keep up on the latest code. This link takes you directly to markup, but take the time to explore the entire W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) site. This is where it all happens.


The WebHypertext Application Technology Working Group is an open source community sharing information on web standards and development. Keep the W3C and WhatWg easily available, and get to know both sites. They are invaluable.

CSS Zen Garden

This site shows the power of CSS and what you can do with a successful skin.



These are the people who created Wirify, the wireframe extension you can add to your browsers. They have other amazing tools as well - well worth checking out.

Adobe Digital Editions

Simulate eReaders on your desktop as you develop for all brands of devices.

Orchard UI Guidelines for Theme Authors

eBooks, etc. are all based in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This open source community project will help device designers stay in standards and create successful experiences.

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