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I have a crush on a school. I took some classes at Venture Lab, and that was like those first "glances across a room". Basically, I saw Stanford from a distance and I really liked what I saw. Lately, it seems that every good article I read is coming out of Stanford. I hear the name and my heart skips a beat. When I think "Stanford", I smile. Here's a little about this place.

Venture Lab


The Living Principles For Design

The Living Principles for Design framework is a catalyst for driving positive cultural change. It distills the four streams of sustainability – environment, people, economy, and culture – into a roadmap that is understandable, integrated, and most importantly, actionable. Designers, business leaders, and educators can use The Living Principles to guide every decision, every day.

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Design For Communication 1 (Fall 14)

Design For Communication 2 (Spring 14)

Graphics for Design 1 (Fall 14)

Graphics for Design 2 (Spring 14)

BFA Thesis (Fall 14)

BFA Seminar (Spring 14)



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